Tips to Lose Weight By Walking Daily

Tips to Lose Weight By Walking Daily

In this modern era,we all love to stay healthy and fit.So lets all learn some tips to lose weight by walking daily.Some wants to lose weight  to build confidence in them.While others want to lose weight for staying fit.

Now-a-days there are many apps to count your steps.Watches are available to monitor the calories burnt.Online websites are also available to lose weight.

To lose weight is not easy.Why i am saying this is because i am also trying to lose weight.Now-a-days there are some physicians to monitor your diet and exercise in many  apps.


Posture while walking to lose weight:

walking posture

Everyone are eating junk foods and want to lose weight.To lose weight what should you do first?First leave the habit of eating junk foods.

Some may say i am not even eating junk foods but i am not losing weight.This is because of your eating habit and lifestyle.

One simple steps to lose weight for working folks is walking.In this hectic work loads,people don’t have time to go to gym for workout.

In our upcoming article , we will explain each exercise.We will also explain about how to lose weight in each part of our body.

Why weight is increasing?

  • Eating junk foods
  • Eating Fried Items
  • Consuming Dairy Products
  • DNA
  • Pregnancy
  • PCOS/Thyroid/any disease
  • Eating Tablets and much more
no junk

Factors affecting weight loss:

  • Eating Habits
  • Which time you are eating?
  • Quantity of foods
  • Nutrition in Foods
  • Sleeping Time
  • Waking up time

Tips to lose weight by walking

  • Choose your route to walk.
  • Choose right pair of shoes for walking.
  • Make your song playlist.
  • Take water with you.
  • Don’t be hungry while walking.
  • Choose your walking buddy to walk.
  • Walk in different pace.
  • Walk briskly.
  • Make walking as daily routine.
  • Have some green tea.
  • Drink detox water.

Benefits of walking:

  • Improves Posture
  • Regulates blood circulation
  • Tightens Abdominal muscle
  • Strengthens the back
  • Firms calf muscle
  • Tone the thighs
lose weight

How to increase Normal Walking time and pace:

Don’t start to walk for 30 minutes in the beginning.Then your interest to walk will go off.So try with 10 minutes walk in the morning and in the evening.

Walk 10 minutes for 1 week.Then in 2nd week walk for 15 minutes both in the morning and evening.Continue for 1 week.

Likewise,increase 5 minutes for each week.At the end of 6th week you will be able to walk for 1 hour daily.

After completing this 30 minutes journey,start to walk with different pace.

  • Normal pace: Walking by chatting
  • Moderate pace:Walking with light speed.Can hear to music only.
  • Advanced pace:Walk in extreme speed similar to jogging.Unable to talk to anyone.

So try this moderate pace from 7 th week.Try walking in moderate pace for 5 minutes between 10 minutes in the start and end.Likewise increase normal 5 minutes walk for each week.

eg:10 minutes slow walk,10 minutes moderate walk,10 minutes slow walk,extra 5 minutes for 7th week.Continue this for next week.

Similarly increase 5 minutes of moderate pace in each week.

Walk in the form of 8 or Infinity walk:

Draw 8 shape big with ten feet on each round.Make this in north-south direction.

Do this in open air or in a room.Your can walk in the morning,evening and night too.Walk in the clockwise for 15 minutes and in the anti-clockwise for 15 minutes.

While doing this our whole body is twisted and all the organs are activated.We all know that our inducing point of each organ is present in our feet and palm.

While walking in this shape you should concentrate in your walking.Don’t walking with headset or talking.

Benefits of walking in 8 form:

  • Controls blood pressure
  • Regulate blood sugar level
  • Release blocked nostrils
  • Activate Kidney and liver functionality.
  • Better Digestion.

21 day walking plan:

This is a 20 minute walk in the morning and evening.Now lets start calcuating the walk.

  • 1st day walk 5 minutes twice.
  • 2nd day walk 7 minutes twice.
  • 3rd day walk 10 minutes twice.
  • 4th day walk 13 minutes twice.
  • 5th day walk 15 minutes twice.
  • 6th day walk 17 minutes twice.
  • 7th day walk 20 minutes twice.
  • 8th day walk 5 minutes at moderate pace and continue at normal pace twice.7+5+8
  • 9th day walk 7 minutes at moderate pace and continue at normal pace twice.6+7+7

Likewise continue this for 21 days and then see the difference.This is similar to normal walking plan.But different minutes of walking.

Note:Underlined no in  8th and 9th day is meant for moderate pace.So like this increase the moderate pace walking here.

Will walking helps to reduce belly fat/tigh fat/arm fat?

Walking helps to reduce the whole weight not particular part weight.To reduce weight in particular part you should do some home exercise.

We will explain about each in our upcoming article.Try to walk in this pattern to add effect to your weight losing journey.

Important Note:Walk continuously for atleast 48 days to see the result.Result will refect only after 48 days.

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