Garlic health benefits,side effects & Questions

Garlic health benefits,side effects & Questions

Looking for nutrition details about vegetables? Then don’t ever skip this article and read fully.In this article we will discuss about garlic health benefits,side effects,nutrition details and more.

Garlic is a herb which is grown all over the world.Roasting smell of garlic is more powerful.This is why it is used in many dishes.

It is used in pizza toppings,breads, and more.This is the main ingredient which is available in every kitchen.At the same time,garlic is not consumed while fasting.

It produces a chemical named allicin.This allicin produces a aroma in garlic.It is mainly used to digest foods in our stomach.

Garlic is a plant belong to onion family.It has sulphur compounds in it.This is low in calorie and high in vitamin C,B6 and manganese.

Garlic Nutrition

Types of Garlic

There are 2 types of garlic:

Softneck garlic

  • Artichoke
  • silverskin

Hardneck garlic

Softneck garlic: This lasts upto 8 months.Skin of garlic has layers and hard to  peel off.

Hardneck garlic:Lasts upto 5 months.Skin of garlic is easy to peel.It is more aromatic than softneck garlic.

Each garlic has different varieties based on their region,climatic conditions and more.

Garlic Health Benefits

Lowers Cholesterol Level

Allicin present in garlic helps in preventing cholesterol from oxidizing.This helps in reducing cholesterol level.

Regulate Blood Pressure

As garlic consumption reduces cholesterol level,this ultimately helps in regulating blood pressure.In addition to this ,it also helps in improving heart health.

Improves Heart Health

Garlic has significant cardioprotective properties.This helps in preventing atherosclerosis,Thrombosis,Hypertension,cardio vascular disease.

Boost Digestion

Daily consumption of garlic helps in preventing diarrhea,dysentry and cilotis.This also used in releasing gas in stomach.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Presence of allicin in garlic helps in regulating the blood sugar of body.This is a boon to diabetic patients.

Other Benefits:

  • Combat sickness like cold,cough.
  • Prevents Acne
  •  Neuro Degenerative disease.
  • Eye care
  • Bones health
  • Boost Immunity
  • Skin Care
  • Asthma

Question & Answer:

How much garlic can you eat in one day?

About 4 to 5 garlic can be eaten in one day.Dosage may vary if you eating it in tablet.

Are garlic tablets as good as raw garlic?

No.When garlic is eaten raw by mouth allicin is released directly by chewing.In case of tablet,allicin gets killed sometime.

When it is good to eat garlic morning or night?

Eating raw garlic in the morning helps in killing bacteria in your stomach.This further helps in digestion also.

Can garlic keep you awake?

Yes of course.This will keep you awake.In addition to garlic,caffeine,citrus fruits,chocolate,spicy foods,onion and more keep you awake.

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