Custard apple Nutrition & Health Benefits

Custard apple Nutrition & Health Benefits

Looking for any nutritious food that is different from the taste of others?Then read this custard apple nutrition & health benefits.

Custard apple is also known as sugar apple.It is grown in many places.Becuase of its medicinal value,many countries started growing this as hybrid.

This is sweet and different taste.It has many seeds inside like jackfruit.But taste and size of fruits are different.

Custard apple is highly nutritious when compared to apple.This fruit can be eaten while pregnancy too.Many health benefits are from this fruits.

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Custard apple Nutrition & Health Benefits:


Potassium,Carbohydrates,Fiber,Vitamin B6,vitamin C,Calcium,Magnesium,Iron & Protein.

Health Benefits:

Healthy Skin:

While eating custard apple,our skin gets more glowing.By applying custard apple on skin,it acts as a moisturizing agent and controls aging.

Helpful for weight loss:

This fruit helps in weight loss by promoting digestion of fat cells.At the same time,it controls or prevents the development of fat cells.

Prevents Cancer:

Custard apple is a powerful anti-oxidants.So it helps in fighting against free radicals and protects from damage of cells.

Helpful during Pregnancy

According to gynecologists,eating this fruit helps in preventing morning sickness and reduce the labour pain.At the same time,eating it after child birth helps in production of breast milk in moms.

Prevents Asthma

The presence of vitamin B6 in custard apple, helps in reducing the bronchial inflammation.This helps in preventing asthma attack.

Aids digestion

As it has high amount of dietary fiber,it helps in digestion.This also smoothens the bowel movement.

Controls Diabetes

Presence of dietary fiber helps in lower the blood sugar level.At the same time,it helps in absorption of sugar in blood.

Prevents Heart Attack

Rich in Magnesium and vitamin B6,this helps in preventing heart disease.

Quora Section:

Is custard apple high in sugar?

Yes of course,it is high in sugar content.This is also known as sugar apple which is aromatic too.Sugar content is about 28%

What are the benefits of eating custard apple?

Presence of anti-oxidants helps in preventing cancer.At the same time,presence of fiber helps in preventing heart disease.

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