Beetroot & Chikku Puree for 7 Month Baby

Beetroot & Chikku Puree for 7 Month Baby

Fruit & Vegetables Puree is the most important food for babies.Looking for new purees?Then read this Beetroot and Chikku puree for 7 month baby.

After 6 months,your baby start to explore new tastes.Give them different tastes of fruit to make then healthy.

Above 2 fruits are healthy,nutritious and tasty too.Babies are attracted towards colors.So if you give them different combination of fruits,they will consume it.

In my upcoming articles we will show you the combination of fruits.These combination can be given and you can also make your own.

Try giving different foods to babies.Give them atleast 1/4 cup and then repeat after 3 days. This is the routine to give them.Or else give them for 3 days continuously to register the taste in them.

Lets start how to prepare the beetroot and chikku puree for 7 month baby.

Beetroot and Chikku puree for 7 month baby

Beetroot Nutrition & Health Benefits:

Nutrition:Vitamin B2,potassium,fiber,carbohydrates and iron.

Health Benefits:

  • Improves Immunity
  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Preventing Cellular damage.
  • Increase Haemoglobin

Overview of Beetroot Puree

  • First of all wash the beetroot and then peel of the skin.
  • Now chop into small pieces and cook in water.
  • Mash them into puree in blender or mixer grinder.
  • Serve it as puree without adding flavour to it.

Chikku Nutrition & Health Benefits:

Nutrition:Vitamin C,Carbohydrates,fiber,iron,magnesium,calcium

Health Benefits:

  • Good for eyes.
  • Source of energy.
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Provide healthy bones.

Overview of Chikku puree:

  • First wash the fruit and peel of the skin.
  • Now remove the seeds from it.
  • Chop into pieces and add in blender.
  • Grind well and serve as puree.

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